Zapraszamy wszystkich zainteresowanych na wykład Davida Godoya LL.M (Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition Law). Spotkanie zostanie przeprowadzone w języku angielskim, 29 października 2014 r. o godzinie 13:15 w sali 201B.

Opis spotkania: 

The lecture will encompass a general overview of the main Intellectual Property Rights, in that regard, the principles and characteristics of IP regulation will be touched upon, ranging from Trademarks, Copyright and Patents with a brief mentioning of new topics of discussion as part of the international IP agenda. Once the basic concepts are covered, important case law, whether from the US or the European Union will be the resource to illustrate the increasing role that Intellectual Property Rights are playing in the context of new technologies and the digital world, for instance: the use of trademarks in e-commerce, copyrights in file sharing softwares or the protection of biotechnological inventions.


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